A scalable mobile web application was designed and implemented to support video streaming between global brands and their fans.

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Founded in 2018, DareHero is the Danish social media platform meant to disrupt the Digital Marketing Industry. It is the brand activation platform, where instead of creating content for their customers, brands create content together with them. Brands or private users create competitions by posting a short video challenge on DareHero; then other users post video responses to the challenge, see all other responses, vote for the best ones and compete for winning prizes.


Coming from a super competitive environment such as gymnastics, the founder of DareHero always dreamt of a platform where people can challenge each other, an engaging medium which promotes the idea of being active. And it had to be done through the most consumed form of material by millenials: videos

From the beginning the platform was thought to be used from both web and mobile devices.


The company choose Apidemia as a technical partner in tailoring the MVP of the platform, which is followed by continuous development according to the user acquisition progress.

As a starting solution to be used in achieving the Proof of Business, the team decided to develop a mobile web application, and make Darehero available in browser, Apple Store and Google Play.


As of now, we on-boarded 5000+ private users and created partnerships with 30+ Danish companies which are ready to launch marketing campaigns on DareHero. Over 90% of the users are using the mobile app.

Future short term improvements and bug fixes of the mobile applications are easy to apply due to the shared code base.

In the medium term, according to the business traction, the plan is to create hybrid applications to ensure the necessary performance in terms of speed, functionality video streaming.