Get a dedicated software development team in Romania

Given our years of focus on the PHP ecosystem, we like to think we became experts in this field.

We are a highly experienced team of software engineers, business developers, testers and managers. Every problem we solved, every new project we finished made us grow as a team and as individuals.

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Start small

Start with a dedicated team of 1- 2 developers for 1-2 weeks, and see if there is chemistry. No strings attached no obligations

Getting things done

Exclusive, long-term business relationships

Our motto: " We get the job done "

We love challenges

Nothing is too complicated for us.

Nothing is too small for us.

Expert team

Most of our developers are ZCE (Zend Certified Engineers) and are familiar with the most efficient design architecture and coding practices

What we do

Develop, manage, document, deploy and maintain API and Microservices, using Laminas components and Mezzio microframework and Swoole Production-Grade Async programming Framework

Build PHP Applications

Modernise Legacy Applications in PHP
Migration from any Zend Framework version or from Zend Expressive microframework to Laminas and Mezzio

Code refactoring of PHP system from the legacy PHP 5.x and PHP 7.x to current PHP 8.1

We use good technologies

Mezzio microframework and Swoole Production-Grade Async programming Framework

Technical stack

Additional tools: Composer, Behat, PHPUnit, Git

Persistent Storage: MariaDB, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcached

Messaging: RabbitMQ

Project management: Atlassian Jira, Confluence

Continuous Integration: GitLab, Travis

Frontend: Angular.js

Open source commitment

We created DotKernel, A collection of PSR-7 Middleware applications built on top of Mezzio microframework and Laminas components.

About us

Apidemia is a software development and consulting company founded in 2005, dedicated to excellency. We settled upon PHP as our main platform and by maintaining our focus over the years we became experts in this field.

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