About us

Apidemia is a 17 years old company adapted to the requirements of the new digital economy. We believe that we can provide a key to establish a stronger relationship between your organisation and your customer.

Our technical solutions offer the opportunity for dramatically changing the way a business interacts with customers and fellow businesses. We made it our goal to simplify communication and make it dependable and independent. We will create stronger brand interactions and this will result into creating long-term business relationships.


A correct analysis of your current status and a plan for the immediate and long-term future of your project will insure success. Our experience over the years has taught us what works and what doesn't. We are not here just to build a solution for you that works right now, but also to provide a structure for the effective implementation and future transformation of that solution. Every project starts with an in-dept business analysis in order to provide you with the right solution for your business goals.


We are a highly experienced team of software engineers, business developers, testers and managers. Every problem we solved, every new project we finished has made us grow as a team and as individuals. Most of our developers are ZCE (Zend Certified Engineers) and are familiar with the most efficient design architecture and coding practices required for tomorrow's enterprise-level applications.